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The KF has been rooted already using an already existing rooting package. Work is being done to port CM7 over the the device.

Personally, I will hold off on CM7 if I ever give it a shot. I really like the current configuration that I have (rooted) and don't see much point.

Currently, there is no real working Recovery yet. Their is a kludged recovery that they are using with CM7, but due to lack of buttons on the device, they set it up with all the defaults by hitting the only button available (power).

If and when they finally get a workable recovery (one that most likely supports touch screen movement), I might give that a shot.

Why Root?

Some applications won't run on a device unless you have root access. Things typically like Screen Captures, Solid backup utilities, file managers that let you dig around and change things protected by the devices...

Rooting it NOT for everyone and can void your warranty. So you need to weigh the benefits to see if it is something you want to try.

Root Articles

Rooting is fairly basic and involves the setup of ADB and in one of the easier methods, a simple One click windows program.

Below are some articles on how to do this...

This is an advanced process that requires more than typical end user capabilities.
Mistakes in implementation may cause problems with your device.


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