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HP Slate 500 TabletPC

This is a product that we do have... It is a fantastic device for the form factor that it is and replaces the Netbooks we use in the field. With full Win7 Professional, it IS a windows machine with touch and an active stylus making it a great Enterprise level tabletPC.

These are hard to get, with a backlog of more than 8 weeks but hopefully HP will catch up with what appears to have been quite a surprise for them for this product. While definitely not a consumer media product like the iPAD, XOOM and Galaxy Tab, it does offer capabilities that go beyond what consume media products can do.


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Posted By: Kevin @ 2011-12-17 23:11:48 (7 years ago)
yes... though I tend to be using my Kindle Fire more now. Even used it to the last couple staff meetings instead of the slate. Obviously, there are things you can't do with the KF, but the KF is smaller and easier to carry around...

No digitizer either so no real note taking, but I'm not much of a note taker anyway... just type in my notes.
Posted By: Paul Sanders @ 2011-12-17 21:27:30 (7 years ago)
Do you still use this product?

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